Coronavirus Update: August 14, 2020 [Video]

Monthly Market Risk Update: August 2020

Medical Risks Contained, But Economic Risks Have Risen

Appearance on CNBC’s The Exchange, August 12, 2020 [Video]

Economic Risk Factor Update: August 2020

How Will the Presidential Election Affect the Stock Market?

Monday Update: Jobs Report for July Beats Expectations

Has Sustainable Investing Reached a Tipping Point?

Finding Income in a Low-Rate Environment

Does the Stable Value Fund Make Sense for 401(k) Investors?

A Look Under the S&P 500 Hood

Market Thoughts for August 2020 [Video]

Monday Update: Economy Contracts at Record Rate in Q2

Coronavirus Update: July 31, 2020 [Video]

Has the Second Wave Peaked?

Another Look at the Dollar: The Fed and Interest Rates

The Dollar Is Not Collapsing

Monday Update: Initial Jobless Claims Increase

Coronavirus Update: July 24, 2020 [Video]

Signs of Stabilization on the Pandemic Front

Q2 2020 Earnings: Terrible, But Still Positive

Where Is Value Now?

Monday Update: Retail Sales Jump for Second Month in a Row

Coronavirus Update: July 17, 2020 [Video]

So Far, Medical Risks Not Derailing Economic Recovery

Monthly Market Risk Update: July 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: July 2020

Monday Update: Service Sector Sentiment Skyrockets

Coronavirus Update: July 10, 2020 [Video]

Are Localized Viral Outbreaks Turning into a National Threat?

2020 Midyear Outlook [Video]

Appearance on Yahoo Finance’s On the Move, July 8, 2020 [Video]

Is the Value Premium Dead?

Appearance on Nasdaq’s Trade Talks, July 7, 2020 [Video]

Looking Back at the Markets in June and Ahead to July 2020

Monday Update: June Jobs Report Hints at Faster Recovery

Economic Recovery Persists Despite Rising Risks

Coronavirus Update: July 2, 2020 [Video]

Market Thoughts for July 2020 [Video]

Why Has the Market Disconnected from the Pandemic?

Monday Update: Personal Spending Rebounds in May

Coronavirus Update: June 26, 2020 [Video]

Pandemic Growth Picks Up, But Economic Reopening Continues

Green Shoots for International Equities?

Is This the Second Wave?

Monday Update: Retail Sales Beat Expectations

Coronavirus Update: June 19, 2020 [Video]

Despite Localized Outbreaks, Recovery Remains On Track

Is the Market Melt-Up Cause for Concern?

In Response to “The Looming Bank Collapse”

Monday Update: Reopening Takes Hold, Consumer Confidence Jumps

Coronavirus Update: June 12, 2020 [Video]

No Sign of Second Wave of Infections at National Level

Monthly Market Risk Update: June 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: June 2020

Monday Update: May Jobs Report Blows Away Expectations

Appearance on Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round, June 5, 2020 [Video]

Coronavirus Update: June 5, 2020 [Video]

Reopening on Track, But Protests Introduce New Risks

Looking Back at the Markets in May and Ahead to June 2020

Market Thoughts for June 2020 [Video]

Monday Update: Consumer Confidence Stabilizes in May

Coronavirus Update: May 29, 2020 [Video]

What’s (Not) Happening in the Coronavirus Crisis?

Appearance on Yahoo Finance’s On the Move, May 28, 2020 [Video]

COVID-19: What We Know and How We Know It

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Housing Hit Hard by Pandemic in April

Appearance on CNBC's The Exchange, May 22, 2020 [Video]

Coronavirus Update: May 22, 2020 [Video]

Is the Latest Coronavirus News Better Than It Looks?

Confessions of an ESG Investing Skeptic

Value Vs. Valuation: A Dilemma for Emerging Market Investors

Monday Update: Retail Sales and Industrial Production Plunge

Coronavirus Update: May 15, 2020 [Video]

Progress on Several Fronts in Coronavirus Pandemic

Monthly Market Risk Update: May 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: May 2020

Monday Update: Unemployment Rate Soars to 14.7 Percent

Coronavirus Update: May 8, 2020 [Video]

Pandemic Slowing—Are the Biggest Risks Behind Us?

Looking Back at the Markets in April and Ahead to May 2020

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Longest Economic Expansion in U.S. History Ends

Market Thoughts for May 2020 [Video]

Coronavirus Update: May 1, 2020 [Video]

Markets Are Confident—But Are They Right?

Is Runaway Inflation an Inevitability?

Bonds Broke—Now What?

Appearance on Yahoo Finance's The Final Round, April 28, 2020 [Video]

Monday Update: Lowered Expectations Lead to Better-Than-Expected Results

Coronavirus Update: April 24, 2020 [Video]

Appearance on CNBC's The Exchange, April 23, 2020 [Video]

A Historic Collapse in Crude Oil Prices

Real Progress in Coronavirus Crisis, But Concerns Remain

Where Do the Markets Go from Here?

Monday Update: Historically Bad Week for Economic Data

Coronavirus Update: April 17, 2020 [Video]

Is There a Silver Lining to the Jobless Claims Numbers?

Monthly Market Risk Update: April 2020

Has the Coronavirus Curve Been Flattened?

Monday Update: Consumer Confidence Crashes

Economic Risk Factor Update: April 2020

Coronavirus Update: April 9, 2020 [Video]

Is There an End in Sight for the Coronavirus Crisis?

Should Investors Consider Gold?

Monday Update: Initial Jobless Claims Spike Again

Coronavirus Update: April 3, 2020 [Video]

Looking Back at the Markets in March and Ahead to April 2020

Market Thoughts for April 2020 [Video]

Are We Seeing Signs of Improvement in the Coronavirus Crisis?

Monday Update: New Jobless Claims Hit All-Time High, Consumer Confidence Crashes

Coronavirus Update: March 27, 2020 [Video]

First Wave of Economic Damage: 3 Million New Unemployment Claims

Congress Steps Up for the Economy

Coronavirus Update: U.S. Infection Growth Rate Holding Steady

Monday Update: Retail Sales Fall Sharply in February

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Financial Markets

Coronavirus Update: March 19, 2020 [Video]

Assessing the Economic Damage from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Appearance on Fox Business Network’s The Claman Countdown, March 18, 2020 [Video]

The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Solvable Problem?

How to Think About the Coronavirus Pandemic: The Big Picture

Appearance on Yahoo Finance's On the Move, March 16, 2020 [Video]

Monday Update: Consumer Confidence Drop Smaller Than Expected

Appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch, March 13, 2020 [Video]

Monthly Market Risk Update: March 2020

Appearance on Yahoo Finance's The Final Round, March 12, 2020 [Video]

Where Bear? There Bear!

Economic Risk Factor Update: March 2020

The 2020 Stock Market Crash

Monday Update: Signs of Economic Improvement in February

View from the Aisle: Takeaways from the Inside ETFs Conference

Is the End of the Bull Market Nigh?

The Rate Cut and the Market

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Consumer Confidence Remains Resilient

Market Thoughts for March 2020 [Video]

The Coronavirus and Your Investments

Reassessing the Coronavirus Risk

Coronavirus Concerns Keep Markets on Edge

How Should Investors React to the Coronavirus?

Monday Update: Housing Market Remains Healthy

Young People in Fancy Cars

Space Economics: The Final Frontier

Looking Too Far Ahead Can Leave Investors Far Behind

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Consumer Confidence Continues to Rise

No Love for Retail Spending This Valentine’s Day

Monthly Market Risk Update: February 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: February 2020

Looking Back at the Markets in January and Ahead to February 2020

Monday Update: Business Confidence and Employment Beat Expectations

Searching for a Leading Economic Indicator

Jobs Report Preview: Good News Ahead?

Appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch, February 05, 2020 [Video]

As Goes January, So Goes the Year?

Market Thoughts for February 2020 [Video]

Appearance on Yahoo Finance's On the Move, February 03, 2020 [Video]

Monday Update: Consumer Confidence, GDP Growth Are Highlights

The View from the Aisle: Rosie’s Place

New Records—and New Risks?

Brexit Day Approaches: What Should We Expect?

Sustainable Investing: The Capitalist Perspective

Monday Update: Existing Home Sales Beat Expectations Again

Will the China Coronavirus Strike Investments?

Will the China Phase One Deal Spell the End of the Trade Wars?

NAFTA Versus the USMCA: What’s Different?

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Housing Sector Continues to Shine

Could Atomic Habits Help You Reach Your Goals in 2020?

Repo Market Update

Monthly Market Risk Update: January 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: January 2020

Monday Update: Service Sector Confidence Improves

Value Is Growth, and Growth Is Value?

Inflation Versus Wage Growth

Looking Back at the Markets in December and Ahead to January 2020

Investing in an Election Year

Monday Update: Consumer and Manufacturer Confidence Fall

What Would a War with Iran Mean for the Markets?

Market Thoughts for January 2020 [Video]

Approaching Economics with Humor: Some Favorite Videos

Monday Update: Durable Goods Orders Down, New Home Sales Up

Appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch, December 27, 2019 [Video]

The View from the Aisle: Reflections from the Massachusetts Conference for Women

The Next Decade: A Humble Approach to Predictions

Merry Christmas to All

Monday Update: Economy Picking Up Speed

Do You Believe in the Santa Claus Rally?

Brexit: The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

Is Credit a Cause for Concern?

Appearance on Yahoo Finance's On the Move, December 18, 2019 [Video]

2020 Market Outlook [Video]

Monday Update: Home Builder Confidence Blows Away Expectations

Impeachment Means Nothing for the Markets

Monthly Market Risk Update: December 2019

Navigating the Capital Gains Distribution Season

Economic Risk Factor Update: December 2019

Monday Update: Jobs Report Beats Expectations

Show Me the Money! Private Markets and Alternative Investments

November 2019 Jobs Report Preview

A Look Back at the Markets in November and Ahead to December 2019

Market Thoughts for December 2019 [Video]

Appearance on CNBC's The Exchange, December 2, 2019 [Video]

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