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Coronavirus Update: June 11, 2021 [Video]

Putting 1-Year Stats in Perspective

Monthly Market Risk Update: June 2021

Economic Risk Factor Update: June 2021

Monday Update: Business Confidence Rebounds as Hiring Accelerates

Is the Post-COVID Sun Beginning to Rise?

Looking Back at the Markets in May and Ahead to June 2021

Market Thoughts for June 2021 [Video]

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Another Post-Pandemic Low for Initial Jobless Claims

Positive Medical and Economic Trends Continue in May

Losing the COVID 19

Happy Birthday to the Dow!

Is the Pandemic Over?

Monday Update: Initial Jobless Claims Set New Pandemic-Era Low

Banks Back on the Road to Recovery

Inflation Risks Ahead?

Is Inflation As Scary As It Seems?

Bumpy Road Ahead! Navigating Our Way Back to Normal

Monday Update: Inflationary Pressure Picks Up in April

Coronavirus Update: May 14, 2021 [Video]

Monthly Market Risk Update: May 2021

Economic Risk Factor Update: May 2021

What Do Corporate Earnings Tell Us About the Rest of the Year?

Monday Update: Pace of Hiring Slows in April

What Does the COVID Surge in India Mean for the Global Recovery?

Medical Risks Rolling Over, Economy Accelerating

Looking Back at the Markets in April and Ahead to May 2021

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Consumer Confidence Climbs in April

Market Thoughts for May 2021 [Video]

Coronavirus Update: April 30, 2021 [Video]

Don’t Sell in May and Go Away

Will the Fed Do Anything About Interest Rates?

Vaccinations Are Working—But We’re Not There Yet

Monday Update: Initial Jobless Claims Set New Pandemic-Era Low

With Interest Rates Up, Should Investors Search for Yield?

The Winners and Losers of the American Jobs Plan

What’s Trending in Target-Date Funds?

Monday Update: Retail Sales Soar as Economic Recovery Accelerates

Coronavirus Update: April 16, 2021 [Video]

Monthly Market Risk Update: April 2021

Economic Risk Factor Update: April 2021

Finding Opportunity in Growth and Value

Monday Update: Service Sector Confidence Surges to Record High

Medical and Economic News Continues to Demonstrate Improvements

The Importance of Investing in Financial Literacy

Looking Back at the Markets in Q1 and Ahead to Q2 2021

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Labor Market Recovery Picks Up Steam

Market Thoughts for April 2021 [Video]

Coronavirus Update: April 1, 2021 [Video]

It’s All About Jobs

What Does the Archegos Blowup Mean for the Markets?

Monday Update: Consumer Sentiment Surges in March

Economic Improvement Continues Despite Rising Medical Risks

A Sober Outlook for Emerging Market Debt

What About SPACs?

Will Spring Bring Better Economic News?

Monday Update: February Storms Affect Economic Recovery

Coronavirus Update: March 19, 2021 [Video]

Optimistic Outlook for Emerging Markets in 2021?

Protecting a Portfolio Against a Rise in Interest Rates

What Should We Expect from the Fed?

Monday Update: Consumer Confidence Surges in March

Markets in an Interesting Place

Monthly Market Risk Update: March 2021

Economic Risk Factor Update: March 2021

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Economy Adds More Jobs Than Expected

Celebrating Women Pioneers in Finance

Jobs Report Signals Good News for Economic Recovery

Coronavirus Update: March 4, 2021 [Video]

Looking Back at the Markets in February and Ahead to March 2021

Market Thoughts for March 2021 [Video]

Monday Update: Economic Recovery Picks Up Steam

Does Market Turbulence Make Sense?

Markets Hold Gains Despite Rising Rates

Own the Future: Looking at a Growth Portfolio

What Do Higher Interest Rates Mean?

Monday Update: Retail Sales Surge as Economic Recovery Accelerates

Coronavirus Update: February 19, 2021 [Video]

Economic News Showing Surprising Strength

Why Printing Money May Not Create Inflation

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Consumer Inflation Remains Muted

Monthly Market Risk Update: February 2021

Will Positive Market Trends Continue?

Economic Risk Factor Update: February 2021

Looking Back at the Markets in January and Ahead to February 2021

Monday Update: Business Confidence Remains Strong

Coronavirus Update: February 5, 2021 [Video]

Economic Damage Starting to Moderate

Ahoy, Inflation Ahead?

Market Thoughts for February 2021 [Video]

Monday Update: Economic Recovery Continued in Fourth Quarter

Is the Worst of the Economic Damage Behind Us?

Is Reddit Breaking the Market?

Is the Stock Market in a Bubble?

2020’s Remarkable Value Rally

Monday Update: Housing Sector Continues to Shine

Coronavirus Update: January 22, 2021 [Video]

Progress on Medical Front, But Economic Data Remains Soft

How to Think About Politics and Investments

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Pandemic Slows Economic Recovery

The Biden Stimulus Plan

Financial Markets Hold Gains on Vaccine and Stimulus News

Monthly Market Risk Update: January 2021

Economic Risk Factor Update: January 2021

Monday Update: Business Confidence Rises Unexpectedly

Coronavirus Update: January 8, 2021 [Video]

Economy Hit Hard in Recent Weeks

Washington Turns (Very Light) Blue

Looking Back at the Markets in December 2020 and Ahead to January 2021

Market Thoughts for January 2021 [Video]

Monday Update: Initial Jobless Claims Fall

Pandemic Indicators Show Signs of Improvement

Reflections from the Massachusetts Conference for Women

Trade Deals in 2020

Embracing America’s Colorful Future

Monday Update: Consumer Recovery Falters

Merry Christmas to All

Is Santa Checking His Portfolio Twice?

Coronavirus Update: December 23, 2020 [Video]

The Case for Bonds

Monday Update: Economic Recovery Slows

With CARES Act Programs Closing, What’s Ahead for the Markets?

Pandemic Economic Damage Gets Worse

What Will the New Normal Look Like?

2021 Market Outlook [Video]

As Bad As It Gets?

Appearance on Yahoo Finance’s Live, December 14, 2020 (Video)

Monday Update: Consumer Confidence Rises

Coronavirus Update: December 11, 2020 [Video]

Pandemic Hits Job Growth

Monthly Market Risk Update: December 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: December 2020

Monday Update: Employment Recovery Slowing

Weak Jobs Report Highlights Economic Risks

Economic News Softer, But Signs of Faster Growth

Looking Back at the Markets in November and Ahead to December 2020

Market Thoughts for December 2020 [Video]

Monday Update: Consumer Confidence Falls

Thanksgiving Food for Thought: The Parable of the Turkey

Coronavirus Update: November 25, 2020 [Video]

Are We Seeing Cracks in the Consumer Economy?

Monday Update: October Retail Sales Disappoint

Is the Recession About to End?

Markets Rally on Vaccine News

Monthly Market Risk Update: November 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: November 2020

Monday Update: Inflation Remains Muted in October

Coronavirus Update: November 13, 2020 [Video]

Appearance on Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round, November 12, 2020 [Video]

Medical Risks Rise, Markets Rally

What the Election Means for Investors Today

Looking Back at the Markets in October and Ahead Through November 2020

Monday Update: September Employment Exceeds Expectations

The Jobs Report and the Pandemic

Election Risks Subside, But Medical Risks on the Rise

First Thoughts About the Election

Peak Globalization or Peak “Chinaization”?

Monday Update (on Tuesday): Economic Data Shows Continuing Recovery

Market Thoughts for November 2020 [Video]

Coronavirus Update: October 30, 2020 [Video]

Financial Markets Drop on Rising Medical Risks

Is the Recent Market Pullback a Good Thing?

Is the Economy Adapting?

Monday Update: Housing Continues to Shine

Looking Past the Headlines

Economy Continues to Outperform Expectations

The Third Wave of COVID-19: Have the Facts Changed?

Knowing When to Worry About the Deficit and the Debt

Monday Update: September Retail Sales Beat Expectations

Coronavirus Update: October 16, 2020 [Video]

How Durable Is the Economic Recovery?

What If the Deficit and Debt Don’t Matter?

Is a Hopeful Market a Vulnerable One?

Monday Update: Service Sector Confidence Rises in September

Monthly Market Risk Update: October 2020

Will Rising Medical Risks Affect the Health of the Economy?

Looking Back at the Markets in Q3 and Ahead to Q4 2020

Economic Risk Factor Update: October 2020

Monday Update: September Employment Report Disappoints

More Uncertainty to Rattle Markets

Coronavirus Update: October 2, 2020 [Video]

Market Thoughts for October 2020 [Video]

Positive Signs in the Economic Recovery

Does Politics Affect the Economy?

Monday Update: Housing Sales Keep Improving

How to Remain Calm (and Carry On)

Financial Markets Bounce Around on Rising Medical Risks

Will the Election Sink the Markets?

More Market Volatility in the Forecast?

Monday Update: Retail Sales Slow in August

Coronavirus Update: September 18, 2020 [Video]

Economic Recovery on Track, But Some Signs of Weakness

Is the Market Too Complacent?

What About the Federal Deficit?

Monday Update: Unemployment Claims Remain Stubbornly High

Monthly Market Risk Update: September 2020

Signs of a Slowdown in the Economic Recovery?

Economic Risk Factor Update: September 2020

Monday Update: August Employment Report Beats Expectations

More Market Turbulence: What's Going On?

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