Kelley Palmer

Kelley Palmer was previously a retirement marketing program manager at Commonwealth Financial Network®, member FINRA/SIPC, nation's largest privately held Registered Investment Adviser–independent broker/dealer. She left the firm in 2016.

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5 Strategies to Drive Retirement Plan Participant Engagement

5 Strategies to Drive Retirement Plan Participant Engagement

Posted by Kelley Palmer

October 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Most of us know that, in general, Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. The good news is that they want help with their planning. The 2015 FSFE Employee Financial Wellness Survey found that 83 percent of employees would take the opportunity to meet with a CFP® practitioner if their employer covered the costs. What’s more, studies by Financial Finesse have shown that, after receiving financial education, 93 percent of employees make improvements to their finances within 30 days. Given these statistics, advisors are in a prime position to help drive retirement plan participant engagement.

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