25 Tweetable Quotes from the Best Minds in Marketing

Posted by Becky Lucca

December 22, 2015 at 10:00 AM

best minds in marketingThere's no doubt that marketing is an important part of running your business. It helps you communicate with your clients, reach out to prospects, and build your brand. But what are the best ways of doing this, and how do you know if your efforts are on track?

To provide some direction to your next marketing initiative, why not tap into the best minds in marketing (via their Twitter feeds). I hope you will find these thoughts on marketing to be helpful—and maybe even inspirational. If a particular quote strikes you, feel free to share it with those in your network (using the handy Twitter icon at the end of each quote).

"The best networking occurs when it's not called networking." — Scott Stratten icon_twitter.png

 "Embrace your successes and sit in your failures. The best way to embrace authority is to accept all that comes with it." — Amy Schmittauer icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Your brand is not the hero. Your customer is. (But the brand can be the mentor.)" — Jack Vincent icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Constantly rethink: what makes you successful and needs to continue vs what made you successful but will now stand in your way." — Craig Miller icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Social media isn't a race to see who gets there first. Don't jump on every bandwagon following the crowd and expect to be a leader." — Peg Fitzpatrick icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"When things are going well, it's nice to get feedback from the team. When they're not, it's absolutely necessary." — Dharmesh Shah icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Anytime you're tempted to upsell someone else, stop what you're doing and upserve instead." — Daniel Pink icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"You have to believe in what you sell and you have to care about your industry." — Trish Bertuzzi icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Your culture is the brand. Your employees are the brand. Your core values and guiding principles are the brand. You are the brand." — Vala Afshar icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Transparency is a trust multiplier." — Brian Halligan icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Marketing is now an iterative continuous process vs. being simply campaign driven." — Shama Hyder icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"If you don't understand people, you don't understand business." — Simon Sinek icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Your best distribution strategy is having a large network. Get out of the office. Make friends. Help people." — John Bonini icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"If the label fell off your content, would people know it was you? Why tone of voice matters." — Ann Handley icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart." — Joe Chernov icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"It doesn't matter how much has been said in your industry. YOUR VOICE needs to be heard." — Marcus Sheridan icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Every marketing challenge revolves around these questions: WHO are you trying to reach? (If the answer is 'everyone,' start over.)" — Seth Godin icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Best way to sell something - don't sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy." — Rand Fishkin icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"People who serve more sell more. Nobody wants to be sold, but we all want help." — Jill Rowley icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Marketing is still about good storytelling. Tools may make it seem easy, but some story tellers are better than others." — Christine Perkett icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"A great brand is a story that never stops unfolding." — Tony Hsieh icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Worth noting: When you help others become influential, it boosts your own influence even more." — Lee Odden icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Your brand/biz is what you do, your reputation is what people remember/share." — Ted Rubin icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Not having a marketing plan is a plan to fail." — Mike Allton icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

"Every company is its own TV station, magazine and newspaper." — Jay Baer icon_twitter-289508-edited.png

Do you have a favorite quote on marketing? Which of these tweets best reflects your approach to marketing? Please share your thoughts with us below!

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