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Posted by Darren Tedesco

April 25, 2013 at 11:30 AM

It’s hard to believe that it was only a decade ago that we at Commonwealth decided to assume control of our destiny and take the fate of our technology into our own hands. During that time, we have focused on making our advisors more efficient by integrating data and operations and keeping our tools incredibly easy to use. At the same time, however, we have placed so many tools at our advisors’ disposal that it is easy for them to become overwhelmed by the options.

But starting last year, we refocused our strategy to make things simpler. Moving forward, our advisors will be able to rely upon only three primary tools to run their businesses:

  1. COMMunity Link®: Although COMMunity Link, our back-office web portal, will remain the central hub for all things Commonwealth, the site itself will become focused on news, information, and collaboration with our community.
  2. Client360°®: As the best total client management system our industry has to offer, Client360° will continue as the hub for everything that our advisors do on a household level.
  3. Practice360°®: What Client360° does on a household basis, Practice360° will offer across an advisor’s book of business (or for any subset of that business). It will serve as the “app store” for Commonwealth advisors.

Most people will agree with me that having one informational tool and two operational tools is much easier to digest than 80+ unique applications. Less is truly more. Additionally, using the same terminology and tabs across all systems will add to the user experience. To that end, here’s what the terms will look like:

  • Practice360° Trading, Client360° Trading
  • Practice360° Reports, Client360° Reports
  • Practice360° Models, Client360° Models
  • Practice360° Documents, Client360° Documents
  • And so forth

In a world of exploding data and communications, if we can reduce the complexity of the technology that advisors rely heavily upon to run their businesses, we’ll all win.

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