Part II: When Did Work Become a Vacation?

Posted by Kol Birke, CFP

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January 11, 2013 at 11:30 AM

As you read in When Did a Vacation Not Become a Vacation?, today, technology is nearly everywhere, all the time. That has some serious drawbacks, and unless you own the technology you use, it will own you.

But for advisors who have set conscious visions for what they want their lives to be, this omnipresent technology has actually enabled them to enjoy more fulfilling existences. They are setting up remote branch offices at their vacation homes in Florida. They are forwarding calls on the fly so that they can go to the driving range at lunch and still take calls as readily as if they were chained to their desks. And they’re coaching their clients on what constitutes a true emergency, ensuring that clients know the advisors only check e-mail once at midday and once in the late afternoon (or whatever works best for them).

But that’s my favorite aspect of the financial advisors with whom I work. They went independent because they wanted to own their own practices, and they know that, unless they set a vision, they will be imprisoned by ever-increasing expectations. So while it’s dangerously easy to sit back and have your vacations stolen by your buzzing iPhone, with a little conscious effort, you can turn the tables and use this ubiquitous access to craft the life you want.

  • Advisors now use video—or at least screen sharing—to host remote client meetings. Perhaps you have a client who has moved away—or maybe you would like to make the move. Either way, with the initial effort to get your client set up, you can make remote meetings a seamless (and fun) experience.
  • Advisors now scan and share documents with clients. Rather than having to return to your office to get a copy of an insurance policy, your clients can log into your site and grab a copy themselves.
  • Advisors now use iPhone/iPad/Android apps. Now you can quickly and easily access information from wherever you happen to be, almost anywhere in the world.

We’ve had countless advisors move their practices—or at least open a second branch. We’ve had advisors spend a few months—or even a few years—in a foreign country, working remotely. So the only difference between those who feel shackled by their technology and those who feel liberated by it is some conscious goal setting, and then some effortful implementation.

Use the resources available to you. Lean on your broker/dealer for your technology support. That’s what we’re here for!

Why not make this the year you turn the tables on your technology? Or if you’ve already done some of that, share your success story in the comments below.

What are you able to do now, thanks to technology?

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